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Original Smirne Manuscripts

The Beginnings of… The poetry of Crazy C has a history dating back to 3 B.C. (Before Charle) in Factreeville, Pennsylvania. The Godfather, Ross Smirne was the original founder of this groundbreaking art form via illegally using his school's internet connectwig for personal purposeye. From the shop-class floor he would flow to Crazy who resided up-in during the 4th mod of the day in Harder's Computer Literacy class. Here, some of Smirne's earliest and greatest works were created. The modern poet Crazy C has been able to recover, transcribe and interpret the works of this medieval literary master and branch off into his own poetic style. (see photos and transcription)

After graduation the Molitor Crazy C moved to Manupa de la Poopiera's house during the summer of 1997. Late night, drunk on Runts candies, the tandem would compose flow for a newly-found mass emailing list. They would also house recipients via the Instant Messenger feature. Needless to say the tandem formed the bases of the modern poet's style and future influence on contemporary literature.

In the fall Crazy C struck his own chord of usage and began housing the ever-growing list with fresh poems. Our other heroes began to compose flow less consistently, giving credit to Crazy C solely. Within the next two years Crazy C formed his unique style, entertaining and educating his audience almost on a daily basis. The art form was now completely in his hands.

With the help of the Modern Poet Society, Crazy C was to expand his usage to a select group of students at his college in Philadelphia. Here, the Rotweiler of, the Editor in Chief, sponsored his usage and gave him access to the world wide web. Without the Wily Coyote the Molitor Crazy Charle would not be able to enlighten for such a duration of (time.)

The Hopppel-Long-Cassidy, as well as Neil the Bananna Peel, contributed significantly to the evolution of the language of Charle. Without these two innovators the usage would not be at its current ambiguous level. Other contributors include the Lorenzo, the McMorras, the DUTechnicality, and Tim Tomato.

Due to a computer error during the epic deliverance of the "Three-Minute Flow", usage and housation techniques were utilized from the Oberratedland school of. Peter Evans contributed greatly to the newly found art form, "Antagonistic Art," which is an attempt to annoy the recipient of works via the internet connectwig. The Mary Jones housation, as well as several politically incorrect utterances enhanced the productivity of Charle's development.

From Peter's lead Charle, with the help of they Cassidy, began housing dunnaway's. Taking the precious time to individually cut nearly 34,000 heads, the tandem plucked little heads of they dunnoway throughout the school. With the help of the Hoppel's expert PhotoShop skills, they were able to come up with three distinct styles (original Dunnoway, Bearded Dunnoaway, and David Fa.) Several excellent techniques implemented against they dunnaway as well as they Mover of enhanced the use of usage on a global level. Dunnaway's to this day can be found, plucked and implemented in Philadelphia, New York, and as far as the city of Ohio.

The poetry, usage, and antagonist art created by Crazy C and his followers continues to entice, puzzle, and anger viewers to this day. The Modern Poet Society hopes that by viewing this web site, the fascinated readers of a master in our midst will realize the true contribution to modern art in the realm of pastries and cake.

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Original Smirne Manuscripts:

The original works of the Godfather Ross Smirne, the founder of and major influence of the Modern Poet Crazy Charle, were successfully discovered recently.

Dating back to the Pre-Showing period, (2 B.C.; (Before Charle) they show Smirne's early dedication to the existential drive of artistic creation as well as the need to express one's self via the vehicle of gummy bears and rhyme schemey-whemey.




Poem #1 "hallo"

hip hop don't stop
you little little belly flop
look up and you'll see
look up it's all over me
you little little tree man frog
shame on you you stupid hog
you stink like dead fish
you wish
look out the window and see the yellow nosed warted alligator

This poem contains two classic nuances that Crazy C has adapted to his own style. Notice the "you wish," in describing the "dead fish" simile. Also, notice the last line, a long and dissonant one that completely clashes with the rest of the flow. Crazy C is known for that technique. The repetitions of "little," and "look up" is also a nice effect. Fine work.

** This was the first ever discovered Smirne Fragment

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Poem #2

"I'm Back"

Be afraid of the bouncing gummy bears
Be aware of the those delicious gummy bears
Do not talk to those scrumptious gummy bears
They like to talk
They like to squak
They never say oppie doppie
They always go poopie poopie
So beware of those gummy bears
You never know if they are in your hair
They like to fly in the air
So take good care
But beaware
Please discard of this work of art after you read and gleam in wild dismay at it's brilliance

A masterpiece. This is Smirne's first thematic work, warning the reader to beaware of those gummy bears. A major point in this one to Charle at the bottom to discard of it after viewing, so as not to get caught using the computer email system. If you are familiar with Crazy C's work, you will know that he has emulated this pretentious technique by starting his after every poem with "thank you."

** It is important to note that this translation took crazy months of work and study, particularly in learning to decipher the unique pictographic script that was used by its author.

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Poem #6


I said hip hop, I'm not a cop
I said hoop poop alley oop
Birds I see in the gutter
Do not ever ever sputter
Witter watter eater a patter
Brick walls came once a year
Yoppy pippy dippy sear
Look at you You furry spike
Suck an egg and ride a bike
End came now oh yeah it passed
Oh my god, I just gassed
The room is floating
Everyone's boating
Look out bellow
Here's the end of my flow

This is probably the latest of his earliest works of 1997, and probably his greatest ever. He begins with a showing of obvious Rap influence, ending the first phrase of the work with the classic line, "brick walls came once a year." The reader would be keen to notice that He has rymed "over the bar-line" into the next phrase of line 7 with the line "yippy pippy dippy sear." Furthermore, the lines "suck an egg and ride a bike," along with the classic ending phrase "oh my god, I just gassed," have both become a part of Charle's working dialect and flow.

** This was obviously an enormous task for translation, one of the reasons we are including scans of the original fragments, is so that any other academics who might want to attempt their own translation can do so, and forward their findings to the Modern Poet Society.


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