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Why are we here? What's that smell? Whatareyaoutofit? These are the meaningful questions that plague us all every morning when we awake, and still manage to linger as we ruminate our final thoughts before falling asleep each night, (particularly, what's that smell) But we need not search endlessly for these unanswered questions! We need only to read the words of the great thinkers of our time, and in a word, GETIT.

As a professional editor for the "Modern Poet's Society" many works consistently grace the desk of this humble essayist. It would be an expedience to out and out call Sir Charle of Blanglesloboh great, rather, it must be explained, carefully examined, just how great he is, and why. Had you been familiar with Walden, by Thoreau- you undoubtedly would understand the California like glistenination, which causes consternation in many a foe of the modern style of writing. Let it rest that it is at once both his mastery of the English language (As well as the language if Charle, a daring new composite language invented entirely by the author) as well as his deep understanding of the topics which he addresses which makes both his poetry, as well as this present excerise, Crazy's first in depth prose work, as innovative and delightful as they are.

Note his ability to use a combination of English, and his highly accessible "Language therein" to turn meaningful phrases into inarguably delectable showings of prowessy, mixed with heaping hefty bags, absolutely brimming over with literary cake! Take as an example: "It is very important to attempt to avoid the natural tendencies in indulging in the rank conditions of selfishness (*English usage at it's finest) and to strive or strode the strivers row for a way to help others" His use of English words completely out of context shows the Language of Charle at it's finest.

The format of the book of Charle is agonizingly simple, yet dauntingly complex in its half step approaches to life's common major themes. Simply put it is broken down into 7 sections each one dealing with a significant part of life's experience. The outlook of the book is unnervingly positive, Crazy C taking no pause in throwing caus into the wind of traditional existentialist themes which have procured dominance, no, plagued modern literature for almost half a century.. This unique optimism stands as a delightful inconsistency within the canon of literary mastery. None of this at this time allows for the delvation into the promenade that bears the inscription: Poetry of Crazy Charle the 3rd. Which at the time of this present essay is beyond the scope of this author's capabilities. Perhaps in the future some scientific breakthrough will allow for us to transcend the bounds of time, to a place and era where the shell of obtrusiveness has been cracked like so many eggs over easy, and our over zealous staff will be able to finally begin the arduous task of analysis and categorization of the most prolific of our modern poet's works.

For now, we give you "The Book of Charle, and Other Selected Works." It is but a humble offering from one of the greatest innovators of the culinary arts in the realm of pastries and cake of out time. Read well, understand little, and grow each day like chord wood, and in the words of Sir Charle: "Inamungst the Threeamungst counterparts I recitative." -Rancididus Frankelrot Chief Editor in Chief.


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The PREFACE to the Book of Charle, from the mouth of the Hoppel, senior editor of the book of charle, and chairman of the ADD council This long awaited work from the creationist of said language of Charle will be quite a heapin helping to undertake with your cake, whether you're an undertaker or a streetsaker looking to craw-takle a tremendous amount of the afforementioned bakery product. For those un-initiated Yeeewww, (minus yeeewww, plus feeewww) who do not already have an understanding of the vernacular, it would behoove you to first gain fluency in the didactionary, which will be suplied up-in. You then fack the problem of usuing the usage, with strict attention to avoid giving and/or receiving the hottest of the cups abounding.

Before i make my audi 5, i must also mention the importance of the tritone. This non-brucage we call the language of charle, is based up-on the paul notion that any word, whether standard changes or pre-subed charla-usage can be further tweested through the use of one or more tritones. I suppose a secondary tritone (trite-own up-on try-tone) could be labeled as a neopolitan hoagie, grinder, or sub. I must first consult this possible ADDition with the nealpolitan, who by the way does not either deserve the Banana label of polititian. We'll leave such matters up to the colan and the kagney, za. (retrograde kagney za.) this work is definately "how deep is the". Oh, it's as deep, darvaconger, it's as deep. It deserves the adulation of the jane swain's threefold "right". Leave it to the haw-pull to overuse the quotations, pottetorial or otherwise. Make referance to the language of Charle when your walking upon your twelve tone strivers to the ultimate supremecy of the shed or the post-shed path to playing with jaime's, with hot or cold cup. Audi 5, Crawdaddy


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My philosophy, dearest twads, tweests, padres, and board sivaverwe's is to avoid the temptations of waisting your precious lives in a festering pool of rot threecod, resulting in a possible condition known as Jacksonian Heapaciphrenia. Your choices in the short life you live must be Pro-Mulligan, with the desire in finding your own Dakar and the derivadidactory coming from the pit of your soul.

To live a life of cunning and cake, you must be sure to adhere to the utterances of others while assuring their attempts to make Pro-Mulligan choices. It is very important to attempt to avoid the natural tendencies in indulging in the rank conditions of selfishness, and to strive or strode the strivers row for a way to help others. At the same time however, you must be alert and ready to defend your personal nogin and kneckwig. I'm just throwin' it out there over yonder by the hanging peacock nose or some siloh.

Excuse me, for I'm experiencing flowis interruptis. Barooskis as well as Barooba-filled primiscuitacities are not the answers to life's eternal impulses, desires and questions, for it is more honorary not to Know the Changes. Don't allow yourselves to be dealt a hot cup of cold plate or festering, heaptified barooba if you will. Always stay on the straight stresake, and don't be destracted by desires of the flesh i.e. primiscuitious heapacitosis. When confronted by such circumstances, immediately Don or David, consequently getting up in the shed and henceforth reigning supreme, either solamente or with others inamungst the threeamungst counterparts i recitative. You must beware that getting up in the shed applies to productive living across the board sivaverus and can be followed by all.


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When streetstressed up out, you may therapute using golf, shooting stick, eating cake, or housing large at beaver lake with Mopkid and Rig. Never use little tweests like 8lbs.&up to catch cousk, gillick and/or Rick Flair. When catching peak, promptly give them the hot crush. When confronted by Fran Tarkantan, never set the hook to cross the mistaken large's eyes but instead shout "I'm sure, the dig-a-dig-a" and use profanity for Bruce. You might also want to remove your Jersey Rig and Repeat like Bad Meat like Bass Evans with a Culprit. When catching the Delta Faucet or the Delta Half-Time Report if you will, never Billies on the possibilities of catching Kevin like Bass or Micropteris Salmodeus and shed. Always fester out in the sun even if your drunk and a rock bass like Hawg and catching copious amounts of Ruffin. Flick blades like Hallsey or Dead stick a dick while ingesting oatmeals within Gustofson if you need to for god's sake! Above all, always release your soused zoo housa back to the waters to live to be recked by yit another amazing bassmaster. Hah Daddy. Politics Crazy Charle is not a politician; as a matter of fact he's not a politician at all ever and is more not like a politician at all---actually. Always remember to aid who needs aid, but be very wary to those who are incapable of autopoietics; lazy, festering beings that fest in their own pool of rotting festation threecod. They are fully capable as you and I to make ends meet with a little moderate to moderate-heavy shedding for financial purposeye. Those who work hard for their rich's to reign supreme deserve just that and shouldn't be penalized for Proshed, Pro-Mulligan supremacy. As a general rule across the board sivaverwe, follow the proclamations and profiseye of the founding 4 fathers and utilize their guide in voting for the leader of the pack animals. And finally, to quote the Peel, "Be Pro-Mulligan, not Pro-Death." Friendship When dealing with friends, always adhere to the ancient medieval rule of placing them as your reigned supreme priority, the highest form of love, never risking the purity betwix resides within the bonds of the spiritually united. The longer the duration of the friendship, the greater the depth, sincerity and trust resides within the adjoined spirits as each in turn proves again and again their worth to the other board twass or twad respectively. A level of mutual humility and in a sense inferiority to the other must be reached by both individuals in order to maintain this level of utopian trust. There are no fronts in a suck-sessless friendship; both parties must be capable of bringing down their guard to open up their innards to the other, threeamungst. Always honor fellow patriots dag, drums for, dakar, and derivadidactory endeavors. De-ses your festering beings and flow not with chodes but rather with The Stunning Young Men or your siv. In the example of Tenacious D on this topic, follow their words, not their actions. When dealing with your Kid's siv, always remember to take the sidehatch when confronted by the innate desires of the criweak utterance. An example would be if I were to attempt to reak havoc on the Breeze and ride the Wagon. We should thank Sir Hoppel for the approPreate motto, "Bros before Hoes." A suck-sessless friendship is one betwix both siv's are capable of sacrificing immediate, temporary thrills for the saking aid of the prioritized brother. Love When dealing with pre-heap to post-heap stages of romance, always remember to prolong this involvement until one is secure within the constraints of his/her worldly, artistical or financial Dakar. If not, one is susceptible to the slippage into multiple suck-sessful relationships, a lifestyle described by the Bananna as the "Endless Cycle." Jacksonian Heapaciousness, a common disease founded by Hawg and coined by Manupa de la Poopiera, plagues many a soul at one time or another and does in a sense add character to ones creative impulses. However, if not controlled and monitored, this condition can reak havoc on ones goal orientations, causing time wastage, similar to current events involving the Duttikompany and his Pre. Always be wary of Pre and wait for instructions from the Hoppel-long-casity to proceed. The Siv you pursue must understand your individual derivadidactorial Dakar and Dogwood, and you to them likewisea. Never use a False Housation or lie to maintain your options like Batista's act. When within the confides of Jacksonian Heapaciousness, or the reckage of one's Siv causing a state of inheaption, one is in dire need of his/her compadres to aid in the suck-sessless rebuilding of ones's individual Dagwood in order to avoid the possible rare cases of Jacksonian Heapaciphrenia. Please note that a likely possibilty exists in the dismissal of a previous friendship between the couple threeamungst when romantic involvement occurs between twad and twass/tweest. Family Your family, as well as adjoining sivlings should be placed at the height of your life. Always be grateful of a strong upbringing ( if you are lucky enough to have one) for that is the basis for who you are and what you are all about. Your padres are the means betwix you opinionate/believe life's puzzled, personalized cake. Don't Twenty-three scadool them, but give a call to the home front often, for doth not know just how long the padres will show inamungst the pines. Get out of that Hoppel, and consult Jim Rydl if confronted by the clutches of the ADD Counsel. If your padres ask you to do a house hold task, (such as Conceptualize or clean the Freddie) always follow through, for you owe them much more then that. Meaning of Life Life is but a board sivaverus waiting to be housed. Live it up, rage its being, reck its utterance, eat its cake. Along your journey, make sure you treat others the way betwix one's own utterance would like to be dealt (i.e. Don't give out the hot cup of brew for Bruce.) Don't become a pretentious gorded chode but instead stack your options like chord wood or heaptified Large. Don't give the careface, but take time to those who have spoken to youuuuu. Always respect those who don't smell, for they have beliefs too. Make sure you find your Drums for and adhere to your lifetime pursuits. Do not become a pretentious artist, but instead be very greatful that you have found something you love to do everyday. Learn from teachers, peers, and students, and see how it could Facktreeville into your bag. Now your sweaty and coiled. Nice job out threecod. Laspina. Crazy Charle Sept. 30, 2000 Book of Charle (revised edition) Dictionary "And so he said "let there be poets" and the poets came in wide numbers and varied forms and he so that they were good, and he said now I shall shew unto you a poet greater than your wildest imaginings and thus came forth from the leagues of poets, and with Joy(ce) the modern poet CRAZY C and He saw that he was good, and that his flow was remarkable, and he rested with billy goats and fuzzy clarinet reeds, and goat heads of state (Charle 3:16) -Frankelrot A dictionary- type book explaining the ever-growing language and the great teleological question of the next Mulliganenium! A readers survival guide to the language of Charle. "My greatness is based on a single skill; the skill of luck." - Crazy


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CHARLE Table of Contents:

1st edition completed Tuesday Febrewary 23, 1999.
2nd enlarged edition summer 2000.

Chapter One: dictionary

Chapter Two: Complete Works of the Godfather Ross Smirne, my mentor.(including some new found masterpieces from my archives!!!)

Chapter Three: Crazy C's greatest hits

Chapter Four: RadDog Poetry

Chapter Five: Reader feedback Sources and Influences:
Charle's influences are vast and wide. His main sources are: bass fishing, the number three, Paul Fearick, his friends, himself, James Joyce, Young M..C.,Ross Smirne, Tenacious D, the Stunning Young Men, and the greek god of usage from Moosic, Dave Wollack.

Wollakian talk has been transferred into poetic flow in the style of the founder, the Godfather Ross Smirne.

Dedicated to all those that love to love what they do. ( in conjunction with " I'll think about thinking about it," when Holly Gow asked him out in 6th grade.)


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Chapter 1
All usage donations in parenthesis. Others by Charle or unknown.

Please note that usage can be used in other contexts other then the definitions that follow; the language is open to be used by the user in their most creative (but still affective) way. The Words and Phrases

Adios Fleegos - 1. to say goodbye.(see Godfather poem "oh yeah" in chapter two for usage.) (Godfather)

Add Counsel  1. Conditioning resulting in staring at computer screens etc. while being completely oblivious to what's going on. Usually results from attention problems or Tain intake. (Hoppel)

"Across the board" - 1. Statement describing full encompassing of one's rotational utterance.

Activity below - 1. The acknowledgement of gasous buid-up in the intestinal tract.

"All you kid" -A saying telling someone it's their job or task.

Amongst, threeamongst - 1. There among, inamong.

Anti-Bullhead,Anti-Mulligan - 1. Bad choices.

"Anything? Anyone?" - 1. statement made when looking for some signs of life from the party betwix you wish to communicate

Annoythrees - 1. A group of disciples of the modern poet Crazy C, labeled as such in Charle's email address book.

B - 1. Mama Eli Hludiwag

Barooba - 1. Brew, Bruce. (Shah)

Barooski - 1. a beer (see "11 stanza's", chapter 3)

Batista - 1. Same as tweesed. (derived from baseball player Kim Batiste.)

Bean - 1. Andy Baron.

Bearded Bastard - 1. Don Glanden. (Craskey)

Being - 1. You. (can also be pronounced "utterance.")ex. "That chick recked my being." another ex. "That chick recked my being, completely housing my utterance and leaving me inamongst a tepid pool of filth threecod."

Beaver Lake - 1. The greatest place on earth.

Billies - 1. To leave, to emmigrate. Derived from the jazz tune, Billies Bounce.

Blake - 1.It's a shame. (tritone sub for saxophonist Seamus Blake.)

Boston - 1. Any long-distance road trip.

Bounce - 1.To Billy. 2. Don Baylor (Billies Bounce is a jazz tune)

"Breathe in that Showing" - 1. The act of inhalation, usually performed in cars by rolling down the window, during the one minute periods following 3:00 p.m. or 3:00 a.m., respectfully. (Manupa de la Poopiera)

Breeze - 1. Matt Geeza. Brew - 1. To leave, emmigrate.

Brewed - 1. When it is made apparent that you are interested in a member of the opposite sex and it is likewise made apparent that they aren't interested in you.(Erik Dutko)

Brown - 1. Nancy. 2. An immature girl.

Bruce - 1. To leave, to emmigrate,to jettison. 2. To do something for no reason, or for Bruce. Derived by the usage god Dave Wollack from exPhillies pitcher Bruce Ruffin's name, with play off of "Ruffin", which sounds like "nothing."(Dave Wollack)

Bullhead - 1. Charle Pop.


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Deranktified - 1. To fix a situation.

De-ses - 1. To clean or take a shower.

Dictionary - 1. A group of lesbians. ( Neil Shah.)

Bruck - 1. To leave, to emmigrate. Same as Bruce but with a typo.(Manupa de la Poopiera.)

Fack - 1. Face(Charle) 2. acne (Erik Dutko) ex. "I'm down with that chick, and she has fack."3.

Back. (see prose, Chapter 3) Did you know that Moppa Elliott combined the above terms while composing flow through typoes, making a very catchy phrase, "bruck fack," which means to leave.

"Fack on the Back" - 1. Acne on ones' back. ex. Hey Charlie, I'm sure I got fack on the back." another ex. "You mean you have fack on the Johann Sebastian?" (Duttiko)

Cake - 1. Can mean anything. Ex. I eat cake.

Careface - 1. To not care, (can be framed or with or without fire).(Nathan "Skinnyboy" Newell) (This)

Carl's - 1. Sucks, cocks. (Based on saxophonist's name, Carl Cox.)

Charle - 1. Crazy C's name, derived from subtracting both "s'" from composer Charles Ive's name, within the sentence "What would of I'ves? What would of Charles. After subtraction, it reads, "What would of Ive? What would of Charle." Also a nice nickname for anyone named Charles, you just drop the s.(Tom Craskey and Charle)

Chicken of the Sea - 1. A tuner used by musicians. Derived from the company that makes tuna fish.(Manupa de la Poopiera)

Chode - 1. A dork. Ex. "shut up with the choded ses."

Chord wood - 1. Stacked largemouth.

Christen - 1. To flick a booger at the ceiling.(Duttikompany and Charle) Did you know... that this term was coined while nose-picking in a newly rennovated school building and "christening" its walls. (i'm sure i just indited that)

Clitorwe - 1. clitorus

Cock - suck at an endeavor. 2. A faucet. This is also derived from the below mentioned Joyce book, and is knew to Charle dialect.(Joyce)

Cod - 1. - kid or kiod. Derived from kid to kiod to cod, using the rymes of the letters of the words. 2. A joke. This usage is knew to Charle and has been found in his mentor, James Joyce's book, "Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man."3. a fish.

Concept Unit - 1. A lawnmower. (Chris Hall)

Conceptualize - 1. 1. To mow the lawn.(Dave Mennig)

Copy and Paste Technique 1.Housation technique utilized over Instant Messenger where one party quickly forwards statements made by another party to another party on IM, resulting in a brutal housation.

Cousk - 1. A crappie. 2. Something that sucks. Ex. "This cousk cocks balls."3. a girl. (see prose from Chapter 3)


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Craskey - 1. Tommorrow. (derived from Tom Craskey's name.) (Manupa de la Poopiera and Crazy)

Cross-Country Usage 1. Usage developed across the country, thus far from Ohio to Philadelphia.

Crawdaddy 1. An exclamatory statement that can mean anything.

Criweak - 1. weak. (Shah) Did you know... That Neil Shah invented this usage when critiquing an act of Charle. Charle had wrote a critique slandering a Peter Evans poem, and Neil simply wrote, "Your critique was criweak."-meaning that the actual act of critiquing such a piss-poor work was weak. Cunning - 1. A word that describes an act of reigning supreme. Ex. Crazy C used cunning, a wrench and some cake to indite flow.

Cup - 1. Brew. (derived from the saying, " hot cup of brew.") ex. Instead of reigning supreme, Evans was left with a hot cup of brew. Another ex. "I can't believe Brian didn't call me back! He gets the hot cup." Yit another example."Hey Charlie, I was rotting on my bed and I dumped a hot cup onto my head!"

D - 1. 1. Tony Dalasio. 2. The greatest band on earth.

David - 1. Tritone sub for leave, derived from saxophonist David Liebman.

Dag - 1. Someone's deal or talent. Other similar words are dagwood and dogwood.

Dakar - 1. Ones conduct and usage. Other similar words are derivadactory and dak.

De-ses - 1. To take a shower.

Dive - 1. John Swana, derived from swandive.

"Did you ever..." - 1. Question based on a real current event. Ex. scenario: a man is catching copious amounts of large. Usage: "Yo, did ya ever catch copious amounts of large?"

Don - 1. To Billy on someone or change plans for no reason at the last minute. To "bail out." Derived from baseball player Don Baylor's name.

Dot - 1. A word describing an attractive female.(Wollack) - 1. Calm fishing conditions (Wollakian)

Dot. Hot - 1. Once again, an attractive female. 2. Summer doldrums. (Manupa de la Poopiera) Did you know that Moppa Elliott coined this phrase spontaneously while gawking at a girl while on the waters of Beaver Lake. He said, "That chick was dot hot." Did you know that an example of this usage, in the style of "hot cup," occurred recently. When questioning Moppa's girlfriend if one of our male friend's was "attractive," she said no. Moppa replied, "He gets the hot." This spontaneous rebuttal seems to contradict the girl's opinion, but demonstrates the way the flow of the "C" goes full circle.

Double-Dragon 1. When one user of Instant Messenger reads where the other person is going in the conversation, and the same words are written at the same time. Its very magical and mysterious. This can also be done in person.

Drums for - 1. Same as dakar. Derived from Eli Hludzik's occupation, Drums for Dakota.

Dumb - 1. Intense and all-encompassing psychological envelopment. 2. Overexaggeration for no apparent reason. Did you know"dumb" is derived from the phrase "dumb deep," referring to a fishing tactic and/or a long home run in baseball. i.e. "What are ya throwin' dumb deep?" syn. Mad, Stupid, Ignorant, Angry, Fierce.

"Doesn't smell" - 1. doesn't eat meat. ex. "Becky doesn't smell."(fragrance)

Dusty Rhodes - 1. Anything dusty. Named after WWF wrestler.(Wollack)

Each - 1. To eat. Ex. "are we gonna eat together or each our own?" 8lbs&up (Pounds) - Chris Rees, a bassmaster.

Facktreeville - 1. Where Manupa and Crazy hail from. (Manupa de la Poopiera.) something factors into something.(Frankelrot) Did you know...that Frankelrot recently coined this phrase when emailing the C, asking him how a trip he was making "facktreevilles" into his plans. It is amazing how people redefine the language of Charle!!!

Faucet - 1. Nothing or dick. Ex. "We aren't catching faucet" is translated to English "We aren't catching dick." Derived from the band, Dick Faucet.(Wollack) Did you know Dave Wollack coined the term "faucet" in the late 20th century to mean "dick", however Joyce in the early part of the century has demonstrated its rarer meaning, which is legitimately in the English Language. He used "cock" when referring to "faucet" in his above mentioned book. Unaware, Wollack found that faucet means cock and also dick simultaneously,proving once again that all Crazy C usage runs full circle.

"False Housation" - 1. technique utilized by Crazy C and Timothy Raker in which you make up your opponents responses to completely embarrass and annihilate them;usually in Instant Messenger format. (See Raker's works inChapter 3.)(Raker, Charle) ex. Timothy: damn you are such a bitch!Charly: yeah i know...I just can't help it! sometimes i even pee sitting down!

Festation - 1. Same as festeration. (8lbs.&up) Did you know that Chris Rees recently coined this phrase in a personal email to Crazy C, probably through a typo in an attempt to write the word, "festeration!"


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Fester - 1. To rot.

Festeration - 1. In general, just a mass heap of rotting ses.

Fierce - 1. A powerful gatorade which injects ferociousness into consumer, bearing no discernable difference to any other kind of gatorade.(Dave Mennig)

Flick Blades - 1. to fish spinnerbaits. ex. "Did you see that wicked smash-all I did was flick a blade!"(Chris Hall)

Flow - 1. The act of inditing compositions utilized by Crazy C, amongst others, in spontaneous fashion where he doesn't backspace or edit poems.

Flowis interruptis - 1. When I have nothing. (Shah)

Flowis Maximus - 1. A flow supreme.

Fran Tarkantin - 1. A bluegill. 2. Anything frantic. Named after NFL football player.(Wollack)

Freddie - 1. The Cubbard (-H, +C) (Derived from trumpet player Freddie Hubbard.)

G - 1. Mama Charle Garble - 1. A bagel. Did you know that this word was invented spontaneously by Crazy Charle as he left Dick's sporting goods a few years back. After purchasing his tackle for an up-coming trip to Beaver Lake, he ran across an old teammate named Mark Gable. Upon recognition, he said, "What's up, Garble," to the laughter of Mop and Charle.

"Get on it" - 1. To pursue a chick.

Get shorty - 1. Unhook a fish with pliers.

Git - 1. get away 2. obtain

Gillick - 1. A bluegill.(Wollack)

Goat - 1. a highly attractive animal for Ross Smirne to bang. 2. A color word used by Ross Smirne to add appeal to his art form. ex. "hey goatman." (the Godfather)

Golf - 1. A game. Ex. "Let's go tee off at Skyline for cup."

gorded chode - 1. one who is not worth your time and is probably out of their mind. (see prose, Chapter 3)

Gustofson - 1. The wind.(Wollack)

Hah Daddy - 1. Jubilant saying by bass fishermen derived from Roland Martin's "Hah Son" saying. (Hawg and Charle) Did you know that this saying was formed at Mallard pond in days of yore when Hawg and Charle housed large in the 8th grade. Hawg had just landed two 4lb.quality large, and they both started stomping their feet and shouting, "Hah hah daddy!!!!!"

Hanging peacock nose - 1. a substitution for an object over near another object, founded by the Godfather in the classic battle with Charle. (Godfather) ex. "Hay look over yonder at the hanging peacock nose." another ex. "It's over yonder by the hanging peacock." yit another ex. "It's over by the Gary."

Havoc - 1.A reaking condition of reigning supreme. ex. "What did I just reak havoc on its being? What did I."

Hawg - 1. Steve Rees, a bassmaster.

Heap - 1. A gigantic largemouth bass. 2. A lazy, rotting, tired human being. (heaptification)

Henry - 1. filth and sessful grime found in sinks and bathrooms from lack of desession. (derived from bass player, Henry Grimes.) ex. "Man, there's alot of Henry in here.!"

Hludiwag, Elion - 1. Eli Hludzik.

Hoppel - 1. Brian Westehoff Honorable,

Honorary - 1. Jason O'Mara.

House - 1. To eat all the food in sight. 2. Same as reck.(Wollack)

To house - 1. To eat all the food or catch copious amounts of largemouth.


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Housed - 1. To eat all the food in sight or catch all the large in the lake. 2. Same as recked. Ex. That large housed my jersey rig, and I in turned housed him into the boat. 3. Beated defeated.

Housation - 1. To belittle in a humorous fashion.

I Didn't Know the Changes 1. Statement made after an experience with the opposite sex, in which one party is more experienced then the other.

"I gotta say" - 1. a beginning to a statement usually proceeding a slandering remark about another individual." ex. "i gotta say-his playing really doesn't hit me."(Erik Dutko)

"I'm familiar with..." - 1. a statement in response to someone's admiration for an accomplished musician. ex. "I'm familiar with the Potter!" (Manupa de la Poopiera)

"I'm sure." - 1. statement made after an absurd action. scenario: phone rings, 3:00 a.m. Charle :"I'm sure, I'm sure." another ex. Hawg: I'm sure Mop bruced right out on Beaver Lake again!" Bass:"I'm pretty sure about it."

"I'm sure I just said that" 1. Statement made after an offensive remark.

ikndeedd - 1. indeed. (see Bower live taping, Chap. 3) Insperado - 1. The act of inspiring the creative impulse.ex. "You can't manufacture insperado."(Tenacious D) 2. a rebuttal in conversation. "You conk balls," Bass Evans insperadoed.

Inamongst - 1. In among. Ex. In amongst the threeamongst counterparts I recitative. ( a famous Crazy C line in his formative years .1997 tm)

In the Family - 1. Anyone with the same ethnic heritage as Neil Shah. (Shah)

Internet Connectwig - 1. a means to be connected to the internet.(Hoppel)

"it likes it." 1. Statement made to an object that is inappropriately placed next to another object." ex. Hen: Charlie, clean your shit off the table!" Charlie: "It likes it."

"It's pretty pure I'm pretty sure" - 1. A saying.

"It's over" - 1. when the conclusion is reached that life's depressions out-weigh life's happiness.ex. "I'm not even a musician anymore - it's over." (Duttiko)

Jacksonian Heapaciousness - 1. Recked by an ex-girlfriend. Similar words are heapacity, heaposty, heaparectame, inheaption, beheapeled. (Manupa de la Poopiera)

Jersey rig - 1. a fishing lure. (Wollack)

Jib - 1. Face or jaw. (Al Linder.)

Jim ridl 1. Ridilin (Hoppel)

Joe Luben - 1. Application of any topical lotion such as sun screen or vaseline. Ex. "Oh, I see you're Joe Luben."(Manupa de la Poopiera)

Key - 1.Something that is appropriate or good. ex. It was key when that chick called me. 2. to focus on a particular object. ex. "Those large are keying on the Jersey."

Kevin - 1. Tritone substitution for Bass (Kevin Bass was a professional baseball player.)

Kiod - 1. Kid

Kiss - 1. This is not romantic. 2. The fart following the storm. ex. Foghorn :"With the counterfart!" Stamina: "With the kiss!"

Kneckwig - 1. The hair on ones neck. 2. Anything.(Shah) Did you know this usage was invented by Neil Shah, when he was experimenting in writing a vertical poem and read the letters as they would normally be read.

Knit - 1. So. ex."He's allergic to bees, knit." Did you know... That this phrase was coined in the marching band bleachers when Hawg, Mop and Charle all hackled opposing bands. Charle spoke to a girl, "He's allergic to bees, knit" when a yellow-jacket encircled Moppa."

King - 1. See "King Midas." 2. A sub for the "F" word. Ex. "What are you ***King out of it?"(usually found in poems.)

King Midas (Midus) - 1. Minus. Ex. "I am the greatest human being in the world. King Midas." Syn. King, Midas.(Shah)

Laspina 1. See ya later. (Dutko) (derived from bassist Steve Lapina. Late-night rot - 1. To rot in the wee hours in your own pool of festeration. Large - a largemouth bass. Ex. I catch large.

Liebman - 1. To leave, to emmigrate. Based on saxophonists name, David Liebman.

"Like a Sivaverus if a sivaverus did that" - 1. A saying.


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Lovano - 1. David

Lynching - 1. The art of tactfully biting off pencil erasers and returning the pointed part of the pencil to its rightful owner. Did you know... that in 1997 Ross Smirne founded this art form by biting the eraser off of Charle's pencil after being provoked. He then founded the "Lynch Mafia," which reaked havoc on the entire school and consisted of the Godfather, Charle, Manupa de la Poopiera, Elion, and Hawg. They tallied a total of 169 lynches on the year.

Magnum - 1. Typical tritone sub for poison ivy, derived from "Magnum P.I." ex. "This tree is infested with copious amounts of Magnum, Dave." another ex. "Go roll around in that, it'll be good for ya."

(for) Michael 1.When a performer or fad who doesnt deserve recognition is considered hip by the in crowd. Ex. "Ahh ya know Charlie Kenny G is for Michael."

Midas - 1. Minus. Ex. "I love rainbow trout. Midas. "

Minus - 1. To disregard usage using one word, "Minus."

Minus/Plus Therom - 1. The practice of adding or subtracting wanted and unwanted usage respectfully. -,+ - corecting typoes (+r) (+corecting typoes) Mondage,

Monder - 1. Ok, aight.

Moppa - 1. Moppa. 2. Manupa de la Poopiera.

Neek - 1. need (see "Toothsayer TOm" in chapter 3)

"Nice job out threecod." - 1. Use your deductive reasoning.

Nondage, Nonder - 1. Piss poor, rank, rancid. Nuden - naked. Founded in the above line, also a typo.

Oberatedland - 1. Condition resulting from ones compulsion to impress through exaggerating their life's circumstances. ex. "Peter Evans definitely wrote an Oberatedland flow...but he makes pretty good music!"(chieflike)

Outtie 5000 1.a depature statement similar to Laspina.

Paul Elias - 1. Manupa de la poopiera's dad. (Elias was a professional bass fishermen, looks like David Liebman (-Liebman, +Elliott)

Paul Fearick - 1. In the world of Crazy C, the creator of the universe.

Pearl Jam - 1.even flow. ex. "Look at that Pearl Jam." Mop say as he weed-wacked the brush. (Manupa de la Poopiera)

Peeing - 1. The process of urinating on random objects in embarrassing settings.

peometic - 1. something poetry related. ex. "Crazy Charlie, you peometic fiend you."(Godfather) Plate - The actual brewsatory result.(Hen) ex. "I'm being dealt a hot cup of cold plate.another ex. Charle : "Cup is a great word." Hen: "Plate."

Pool - 1. A game. Ex. "let's go shoot some stick."

Pool of Ses - 1. A heap of festering being.

Presente - 1. Present.

Pretentious - 1. This whole deal

Pro-Bullhead, Pro-Mulligan - 1. Good Choices.

Profeseye - 1. To predict the future.

Prowess - 1. A word to describe Crazy C's ability to flow supreme.


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Purify - 1. Same as deranktify.

Questionable - 1. doggerel dogma

Raddog - 1. a fictional character in a poem that reigns supreme over his master, Digger.(Pat Clark) 2. a certain majestic looking dog that stands with a superior aire. (Manup and Charle) Did you know... that this usage was founded by Pat Clark and Charle in poetry class at Governor's School in 1996. The inspiration was Charle's trapper keeper, inscripted with a skate boarder with the label: "Rad Dog."

Radical Canine - 1. Any dog that you might pass on a street. Rage - 1. To pursue a chick. ex. "Let's go out raging at 10:00 on South Street for cup." 2. To be harried and hasseled by a chick. ex. "After all my hints she still insists on raging me."

Recitative - 1. To recite. .

Reck - 1. To accomplish an endeavor with completeness and prowess. 2. to eat. (Frankelrot)

Recked - 1. A condition resulting from a depressing living experience, such as a break-up. Ex. "That chick recked my being."

Rectified - 1. It's a real word, look it up. (Shah)

Red - 1. A human being.

Reign - 1. To excel at an endeavor in supreme fashion. Ex. The band Tenacious D reign's supreme. 2. To shed solamente in the merriam theater later then all others.

"Repeat like bad Meat" - 1. To repeat ex. "I'll Repeat on you like bad meat." (Laboranti)(See Rad dog poems)

Revealed - 1. 1. Empty. 2. Anything.

Rick Flair - 1. A perch. Named after WWF wrestler.(Wollack)

Rot - 1. To fester in laziness and do nothing.syn. "rotting,""cocooning". (rotational) Did you know...that this term was coined by Frankelrot and Charle at Governor's School in 1996 when they were both massive heaps of festering beings.

Ruffin - 1. Nothin'. (Wollack) Derived from Bruce Ruffin, the greatest left-handed pitcher in the history of baseball.(-)

Sike No - 1. What should have come after the last sentence.2. minus.

Runts - 1. Highly potent candy that fills consumer with alcohol-like buzz and tired hyperness.

Ryming the same word with the same word 1. A device used by Charle, Tenacious D, and the Stunning Young Men Ses - derived from "cess", means anything rank sesquipedalian - 1. a word describing Crazy C's recent interest in compositional flow (it's a real word, look it up)

Sespool. - 1. A state commonly accompanied with tiredness, body odor, lazyness, and heaptification. Ex. I'm rotting in my my own sespool of rot threecod.

Shed - 1. To loose hair. 2 . to practice, study, run, go to church, pray or hang with family.

Showing - the number three and its many uses and derivadidactory threeof.(Frankelrot)

Shut - 1. Command to shut up. (Hawg)

sidehatch - 1. any side or back entrance.(Tenacious D) 2. any alternate route.ex. "Instead of taking route 81, we'll stresake on the sidehatch."

Siv - 1. Someone's girlfriend. Syn. Sivwomen. 2. Someone's sister or brother, derived from "sivling."(Manupa de la Poopiera) (like a)

Siv - 1. Something that moves fast. (Wollack)


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Sivaveris - 1.Anything.

Sivaverwe - 1. Derived from "sivaveris", which is derived from "sieve." The tritone occurrs from "us" to "we." This word can mean anything.

Small Cooking Pot - 1. A word that rymes.(Manupa de la Poopiera)

Solamente - 1. 1. Solo

Some siloh - 1. A random unexpected object discovered by Moppa while viewing a random siloh amongst the pines.(Manupa de la Poopiera)

Stacked - 1. Anything occurring in high-density. Ex. "Those large are stacked like chord wood.(Walk the Dog)

"Somethin's happening" - 1. Comment made when something is happening that the other parties present should note, such as a fish's strike or activity below.ex. "Somethin's happenin'."

Sponta - 1. a word to describe spontaneous flow (see "Berg is to prose as C is to flows", chapter 3)

Starks Ewing (Stark Nuden) - 1.Naked, (derived from basketball players John Starks and Patrick Ewing.) [Manupa de la Poopiera and Shah]

Street - 1. Stresake. (Samit Shah)

Stresake - to leave or go, often quickly. Can also be used as "to street", or "to sake." A common misspelling is "streetsake." Did you know this usage was founded in a Crazy C poem in 1998 through one of his classic usage-making devices: the typo. The famous line read, "watchout for the nuden man stresaking across the field for no apparent."

Stresake nuden 1. Streaking naked. 2. In Michigan, people refer to this to the human head. (8lbs.&up.)

"Stroding (striding) the striver's row" - 1. walking, usually along the sidehatch. Derived from two Sonny Rollins tunes, "Striver's row, and Strode Rode."

Sucksess - 1. Someone who sucks, a hidden put down. (Manupa de la Poopiera)

Sucked - 1. When a flow, either verbal or indited, rots the house. i.e. bad usage. (Steve "Hawg" Rees)

Sweaty and coiled - 1. a saying. (Hawg)(in the prose flow of Chapter 3, this phrase means that the person is in shape and ready to go) Did you know...that Hawg Rees developed this phrase in the last poem he ever wrote at Moppa's house, 2nd floor, a few years back.)

AssMasters - 1. (sucked) (Preston Vincent)

Bassholes - 1. (sucked) (Robert Reynolds)

Tain - 1. A toxic dosage of vitamin A, causing irritability and depression, along with other side effects. Derived from Accutane.

Tenacious D - 1. The greatest band on earth.

tenor - return. (derived from David Liebman's album, "Return of the Tenor")

The Stunning Young Men (or the Men or the Stunnings) - 1. The 2nd greatest band on earth.

"That's a good point." - 1. A statement in response to a suggestive action made by another. ex. "I make an excellent point against you." (Frankelrot)

"That's it..." - 1. Statement degrading another's action." ex. "That's it, smoke." another ex. "that's it, smoke." yit another ex. "That's it, suck."


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Three - 1. Tritone for "there," was one of the original substitutions. 2. The greatest number.

Threeamongst - 1. There among. Threecod - there kid. Referring the tritone substitutions back to their original meanings. Ex. "Nice job out threecod", when translated from Charle to English, reads "Nice job out there kid." (Chris "8lbs.&up" Rees)2. three fish.(Charle) Threeof - thereof. Juxtapositions of "e" and "r."(8lbs&up)

"Three on my shelf" - 1. a quote from a classic battle of poetic gods in 1997 between the Godfather and Crazy, in which Charle lost pitifully. This phrase has come to mean how long you have practiced in the day. ex. "I've got 3 on my shelf" means you practiced for three hours.

"Throwing it out there" - 1. statement used to relieve user of bad usage and possible mockery from fellow disciples of flow. ex. Disciple #1 :"you are a jerk" Disciple #2 :"questionable" Disciple #1:"Just throwin' it out there"

Thing - 1. Any object. Ex. Yeh, right right right we met at the thing. 2. A person's boyfriend or girlfriend. Tig - to take (usually in command form when giving someone an object.) Did you know "tig", is derived from the word "get", with the usage spelled backwords and the "e" changed to an "I", as in other words in the Charle language.

Tim - 1. To reign. Derived from baseball player, Tim Raines.(Tom Craskey)

Tom Brokeoff - 1. Something broken off.(Dave Mennig)

Tritone substitution - Substituting a related word for the English word that would appropriately work. This technique is probably Crazy C's most famous and most effective.

Tsax Smoovie - 1. Fruity non-alcoholic drink at XandO. (Craskey)

Twad - 1. A young lad. Ex. "When I was a twee twad."

Twass - 1. A young girl.

Twazzer - 1. Tweesed.

Tweesed - 1. A small jig. (Wollack) 2. A small person you don't like. 3. Something small or young.

Twenty-three Scadool - 1. To wip together a creation or assignment with little care and rapid speed.(Jack Black)syn. 23. ex. "I could 23scadool you a song - I could zippiddydoda you a song, but that would be false, it would be wrong." another ex. "I just completely 23ed that paper so I could shed."

Typoes - 1. The best spontaneous usage creating device, utilizing Crazy C's most polished skill, the skill of luck.

Up-in-Ya - 1.term used when someone is on top of their dakar. ex."Man, that guys so bad like Michael Jackson!! He's all up in it!"2.Another way of pronouncing "opinion."

Usage - 1. You're a wise person.(Shah)

Rit,Mit,Fit - 1. Ray's out of it 2. Moppa's out of it.3. F***ing out of it.

Tit - 1. Tom's out of it.

Visual Ryme (slant ryme) - 1. Words that ryme only on paper.ex. Flow and now. Did you know that the only critique Crazy C's poetry teacher, the famous poet Stephen Berg at the U of Arts, could come up with when reviewing his works this past year was that the above technique is not a "visual" ryme, but a "slant ryme." Crazy has tapes from the class, but that is a topic and an event all to itself!

Wayne - 1. Short. (derived from saxophonist Wayne Shorter.)

We - 1. Tritone sub for "us" or "is." Ex. Sivaverwe, clitorwe.

(The)Wagon, Wags - 1. Sarah Wagner.

What are ya out of it? 1. Question based on an absurd action.

What am I? 1. Typical response.

What am I not. 1. Another typical response. What am I? I'm a human being/What is it? It's an object. (More Wollakian double-talk)

What would you Gerry Mulligan? - 1. An overused saying my Ray McMorrin that still inspires endless laughter.

What would I. - 1. What would I.

Would ja? - 1. Would you reign.(Wollack)

"What would I not." - 1. Answer.(Wollack)

Wig - 1. derived from "kneckwig", this term is combined with a part of the body. ex. "legwig." another example: "I'm sure my fack is loaded with festering zitwigs!"

"Would Idja?" - 1. What would ja.(Wollack)

Woodshed - 1. To abandon all else and practice.

Wrench - 1. A color word.

Yit - 1. What are you out of it?(Wollack)2. Yet

Yuit - 1. You, what are you out of it?

Yoyouyuit - 1. Yo, what are you what are you out of it?

Yondage - 1. Same as over yonder kind of. 2. Outstanding, dot. (Manupa de la Poopiera)

"Youuuu" - 1. A saying addressed to someone who has wronged or insulted you. Ex. "Youuuu cock." (Charle, Mennig)

"You are the worst at everything you do." 1. Statement toying with companions' ego and self-esteem. ex. "You are the worst at everything you do."(Dave Reminick) another ex. "you are the worst at everything you have ever done, are doing, and will do." yit another ex. "You are the promise kiss of springtime."

"You got it." - 1. You got it. (David Liebman)

zoot sims - 1. a suit (see "Toothsayer TOm" chapter 3) Did you know...that this usage was formed the night of Charle's junior recital, when he got the mad look from a girl working at a convenient store when he had on a suit.(looking pretty good if i do say so myself!)

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While it is impossible to write all my usage down, I hope this helps you get used to the language so you can follow my impeccable flow more thoroughly. Crazy C

The Cast:

Manupa de la Poopiera, Socks - Moppa Elliott
Paul Elias - David Elliott
Carolina Rig - Carolyn Elliott
Frankelrot, the Rotweiler- Rich Frankel
Paul McCartney, Rot Clark - Pat Clark
Walk the Dog - Lee Rees Ten lber - Evelyn Rees 8lbs.&up (Pounds) - Chris Rees
Hawg,Spot - Steve Rees
Tim - Tom Craskey
Terrible T :Timothy Raker
Toby-acco : Toby Wilment
Bananna (The Monk-e) - Neil Shah
Hludawag, Elion - Eli Hludzik
B - Babara Hludzik J
erry G - 1. Jerry Hludzik 2. Jerry laboranti (also Black Lab)
Hoppel - Brian Westehoff
Honorable, Honorary - Jason O'Mara
Steps, Giant Steps,Sir Roland, Roland Hanna - Andrew Hanna
Stitt - Ray McMorrin
Beef - Keith Gajeski
Martyn Reynolds - The nasty pic master.
Gillette - Steve Genett
Dominic - The bomb.
John McNulty Monkey,
Carp - John Carpenetti
Skinnyboy - Nathan Newell
Breeze - Matt Geeza
Wags, The Wagon - Sarah Wagner
Bean - Andy Baron
Duttiko, The Ko, (Charle)The Kompany(Manupa de la Poopiera),DuTechnical KnockOut-Erik Dutko
Wollack - Dave Wollack
Hallsey - Chris Hall
Godfather,Hozy- Ross Smirne
Hen - Jennifer Evans
G - Genevieve Evans
Bullhead - Clarence Evans
Charle,Bass,Crazy C, Charle, Mulligan, - Charles Evans, one apparently messed up cat.

c1999(-c) E and E publishing. c2000(-c) E and E publishing no rights reserved

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